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Recipe ideas to multiply the opportunities to cook turkey

Recipe ideas to multiply the opportunities to cook turkey

Turkey: lots of ways, lots of occasions

Inspire your clients and simplify their lives at dinner time by preparing cuts they merely have to cook. Your counter will never have been as popular. And don’t forget to suggest they visit ledindon.qc.ca for complete recipes.

Dry rub

Rub a turkey breast with a mixture of dried herbs and salt (approximately 5 ml per kg (2 lb) of bird).
Turkey rubbed with moroccan spicesBBQ turkey breasts with a salsaPortuguese style butterflied turkey


Baste the marinade of your choice on all sides of a piece of turkey.
Asian BBQ wingsSmoked turkey breast with cider marinade


Cut the tenderloin in slices approximately 2 cm (.8 in.) thick and wrap as a trio.
Turkey medallion, asparagus and blue cheese sauceMaple turkey tenderloins


Carve slices of the breast approximately 1.5 to 3 cm (.6 to 1.2 in.) thick and wrap them individually like a steak.
Lemon and thyme turkeyBBQ turkey breast steak bruschetta style


Cut turkey slices approximately 1 cm (.4 in.) thick. A breast weighing 454 g (1 lb) yields approximately 4 cutlets. They can also be breaded. Put a pack of marinara sauce on the side for parmigiana cutlets that are quick to prepare.
Turkey cutlets with a dijonnnaise sauce


Cut turkey slices approximately 1 cm (.4 in.) thick, flatten, stuff, roll and tie them with a string. Turkey thighs can be prepared in the same way.
Breast stuffed with mushrooms, cranberries and apple


Cook strips of turkey breast, tenderloin or thigh that can be used in stir fries, Asian soups, fajitas and satays.
Asian soup with turkeyTurkey fajitas

Thin strips

Cut a breast into thin strips for Asian fondues.
Asian fondue with turkey

Cubes for brochettes

Cut 3 cm (1.2 in.) cubes from turkey breasts or thighs then slide the cubes onto skewers, alternating with onions and peppers.
Lime and coconut turkey skewersTequila turkey skewers

Cubes for stews

Dice turkey into small pieces, approximately 1 to 2 cm square (.6 to .8 in.) for use in stews, vol-au-vents, turkey pies, etc. Put a pack of sauce on the side to make preparation easy for dishes like butter turkey.
Red wine and black chocolate turkey stewButter turkey


Ground turkey is a delicious alternative for hamburgers, meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, chilies, tacos, cabbage rolls, …
Way-too-easy burgerItalian style turkey meatloaf